Bolduc Physical/Aquatic Therapy & Sports Medicine


Is chronic hip or back pain keeping you from work or enjoying your favorite activities? Have tension headaches, TMJ pain, or vertigo limited your lifestyle? While these conditions are not uncommon, the physical therapists at Bolduc Physical / Aquatic Therapy & Sports Medicine take treatment relief to a whole new level with one-on-one, hands-on manual therapy.

Our therapists possess the highest clinical skills to provide a variety of effective physical therapy treatments to ease your pain so you can return to the activities you enjoy most.

Conditions treated include:

Physical therapy services include:

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is defined by the Guide to Physical Therapy practice as "the skilled passive movement to a joint and/or related soft tissues at varying speeds and amplitudes." Our therapists have experience with soft tissue mobilization as well as joint manipulation/mobilization in order to restore range of motion and function and assist in decreasing pain and limitations. Some of our therapists have undergone rigorous training to become Manual Therapy Certified (MTC) in order to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills to better treat patients and return them to their prior level of function.